Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Wonder? Of course it is!

Do we really need the New7Wonders organisation to tell us how wonderful our mountain is? Not! But it's great that they've noticed.
Two weeks ago  Table Mountain made it onto the list of seven of the provisional results to the New Seven Wonders of Nature list; not a mean feat to be selected from  a draw of 440 locations, 220 countries and 28 candidates. This came right off the back of a french class in which one of my classmates was speaking with pride about the wonders of her country; Venezuela. I never actually ever do that, unless asked - and I do find it interesting that she can wax lyrical unprovoked just like that. This was also in the same week I met some South Africans who were not particularly proudly South African. That I can never understand, but that's for another post entirely. All this was in the week in which a few not-so-friendly-French-encounters led to a not-very-happy-South African-expat. I was feeling extremely homesick ; then the seventh Wonder announcement and a morning spent poring over South African websites - cyber therapy if you will. Felt better after, and now calling all positive South Africans (and non-South Africans) to share something positive about South Africa today, on blogs, email, whatever. Let's spread the wonder!

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