Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The one where I'm a tourist

The nonchalance of the French is the image I have been going for for the last three months. I'm not entirely sure why, I just know that I did not want to look like a tourist. The accent when I speak still comes across as obviously foreign so my best bet was not looking like one- mind you with the camera I'm always lugging around, not sure I was succeeding at all. Well, tossed it all aside last week and decided that I need to see Paris from  a different perspective, not to that mention I got tired of being nonchalant when seeing the Eiffel Tower all lit up, or the bleu, blanc et rouge of the french flag billowing through the arch of L'Arc de Triomphe, when what I really wanted to do was to squeal and point with glee. I still stand and gawk in awe at boulangerie windows - in fact there is a Lenôtre in my neighbourhood that has become my favourite place to visit -to just stand and stare. I cannot feign the nonchalance of the French anymore, I am still in awe of this city.
Hopped onto the sight-seeing bus of  Les Cars Rouges last week. It was a real treat to unreservedly indulge the tourist in me. Took some great pictures, waved at the locals from my perch at the top (yes, I did) and got an entirely different view of the city. It was refreshing to just be le Sud Af in France.

Images from my morning here.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Please continue to be a "tourist" for those of us who can't enjoy/experience Paris firsthand.

  2. Hi Val,
    Will definitely do:) Thanks for reading.