Sunday, January 8, 2012

Galette des Rois

Suddenly the window displays and counters of my favourite boulangeries are lined with these pastries.
I became wisened to this celebration a bit late but it  happens around January 6th of the New Year or according to some on the first Sunday of January- the flaky pastry consumed is filled with almond and pastry cream and a small trinket is placed inside. It is then shared and the lucky little boy or girl that finds the trinket in their piece is King or Queen for the day. Lovely french custom.

The Christmas decorations are slowly coming down.We sadly said goodbye to our tree today- it is now so dry I was afraid the lights would set it alight. We dragged it out to the point of collection where it is picked up and will be recylcled by the city. Great concept!
The ice-skating is still on at Hôtel de Ville until the February 17th and at the Eiffel Towel until January 31st, and the Winter sales start on January 11th.
A new year has begun!

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