Currently many travelers are engaging in self drive tours in Uganda due to the adventure and privacy one gets while on the expeditions. There are specific rental cars/vehicles that are hired out for self drive tours. Most car rental companies in Uganda rent out Toyota cars to their customers due to their durability, simplicity to drive and cheapness to maintain. These vehicles are normally four wheel drive cars and come in different sizes i.e. large, mid and small sizes and it is according to the sizes their price tags are based on.

Here we bring the top rental cars that are normally used for self drive tours in Uganda:

Toyota RAV4

These vehicles are the most commonly used rental cars by sole travelers or a couple of travelers. Toyota Rav4s are found in two forms that is the two doors Rav4 and four doors Rav4. These are the cheapest rental cars and they are normally used by budget travelers. Due to being an SUV and a four wheel drive, the rav4 is used for safari expeditions i.e. touring the different national parks in Uganda.

Toyota Land Cruiser

These types of cars are referred to as the prime safari cars. Most tour operators say they cars were made for the raged African roads. These are the most comfortable vehicles on safari tours. The land cruisers are well elevated off the ground, spacious enough and also have soft and nice seats to relax while on a safari. Land cruisers can also be used for business meetings since they are elegant and nice looking car that can never seize to impress a client one is intending to meet. There are different kinds of land cruisers and the models are classified according to the years of manufacturing. The later the year the higher the price tag of the land cruiser. These rental cars are hired to mid range and high end travelers since there are those that are relatively less expensive to hire and those that are expensive to hire.

Safari van (Toyota Hiace)

These kinds of cars are meant for group self drive tours. These vehicles are spacious and have enough seats for a group of people. They carry a large number of people that is a maximum of nine people. These vehicles are commonly manual transmission and four wheel drive cars. These are cars are normally hired by families or colleagues to tour the different tourist sites in Uganda.

There are other vehicles for hire like the Toyota coasters for a very large group of people, Toyota premium for a city tours and Toyota super customs for family vacations but the most commonly used rental cars for self drive tours are the ones explained above.

Note: these rental cars can have extra facilities on them like a pop up or top up roofs, camping gears, gps navigator and extra baby seats to enhance the traveler’s self drive expedition in Uganda. Some of these facilities come with a cost while others are free of charge.