A road trip is a kind of expedition that involves a person or people traveling a long distance to visit different destinations on their own without the help of a tour guide or driver guide. All the traveler does is rent a car with a travel company and lead his/her way. In Uganda road trips have become popular as they are adventurous and exciting and also in context the distribution of the attractions correlate with the road network of Uganda thus favouring the experience. Uganda has very many attractions to enjoy while on the road trip from the flora and fauna to the natural physical features like lakes, rivers, streams, mountains and other natural wonders. It is always nice to have a road trip in Uganda since you discover nature on your own and also enjoy yourself with great independence and privacy.

In every travel engagement, there has to proper planning to enjoy it to the full. Below is a guideline for planning a road trip in Uganda;

Identify your travel interest

Different people have different interests in life by nature. There are activities that best bring out a person and also a person enjoys in return when he/she undertakes them. In travel people have different interests that are identified by the attractions or tourism activities. There people who enjoy a discovering nature that is watching wildlife its natural environment, others enjoy adventurous activities like whitewater rafting, mountaineering, bungee jumping while others enjoy mass tourism where they want to get involved in unwinding at the beaches and hanging out in night clubs, resorts  pubs and casinos. Fortunately enough Uganda can fulfill every traveler interest as it has different attractions from the national game parks, water bodies for adventurous activities and beaches and nightlife joints for mass tourism. Therefore a traveler willing to take up a road trip, look at the various attractions and tourism activities and cultivate your interest.

Search and choose a destination with your travel interest

When you identify your travel interests, try to search for the best destinations in Uganda to meet your demands. This is can be done on the internet where you find all the information about the various attractions and destination of Uganda. Uganda has attractions like mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park, the big five in Murchison falls, Jinja the city of adventure, chimpanzees at Kibale National Park, mountaineering at Mountain Rwenzori or Mountain Elgon, relaxation at Lake Bunyonyi and many more. One can never fail to choose from the very many attractions in Uganda to fulfill his/her travel interest.

Book accommodation for your road trip

When one chooses a destination, try to also find the accommodation facilities around the destination of your road trip. There are very accommodation facilities around the different tourism destinations in Uganda and these have different classes that are budget, mid range and luxury as the services differ. Get an accommodation facility that suits your budget and interests. The booking of the accommodation can be done through direct contact between the traveler and the accommodation reservation team or a traveler can use a local travel company to book on behalf of him/her.

Book a rental car for your road trip

Reserving a car rental in Uganda is very easy as there are several car rental companies on the internet offering self drive car rental services. All you need to do is try to look around and get a rental company with the best offer. Tell the rentals the nature of your travel and the number of people you are traveling with and they will know which kind of rental to hire you. For instance if you are a sole or couple traveler leading to a national game park a RAV4 or land cruiser is the ideal car for the trip. But if you are a family traveling then a safari van is the best car for your travel. You must inform the car rental company the delivery day, the pickup day and the duration of your road trip.

Identify what to pack for a road trip

Try to know what kind of clothes and equipment to carry for a road trip in Uganda. Uganda is a hot country and lies in the tropical region of Africa that has high habitats of mosquitoes and other insects that can cause some diseases. So a traveler is supposed to carry light clothes, also get a vaccination for yellow fever and malaria and also carry insect repellents. They also general equipment needed for a road trip like a camera, torch, sunglasses, jacket and safari boots to mention but a few.

Make a projection of the road trip expenditure

When you get to know what you need on a road trip, make a budget of the travel expenses that is; accommodation, 4×4 car hire, road trip equipment, air ticket fare and other miscellaneous expenses. This gives you an insight of how much money you would need to spend to cover you entire trip so that you do not get stuck while on the road trip.

Make payment for some urgent travel expenses

After making the budget for your travel expenditure, try to cover some expenses like travel equipments and clothes, air ticket, accommodation and may be car rental expenses. This saves time and avoids panic during the last minutes of your travel.

After making payment for the urgent travel expenses, pack up your bags and wait for the day you will be traveling to Uganda for your road trip.