Africa has got many mountains that favor mountain climbing to the tourists who prefer adventurous tourism activities. Below are the some of the ten most climbing opportunities in Africa!

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro which is located in Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. It has got an elevation of 5895m. It’s a stratovolcano and its last eruption happened between 1500000 and 200000 years ago. It has also got 3 volcanic cones and these include; Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo.  This is the highest mountain in Africa and rises over 4900m from its base above sea level. The first ascent here was done by Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller in 1889. The mountain is also part of the famous Kilimanjaro National park found in East Africa.

This national park has brought about high revenues to the country. And it has been so far visited by 16425 climbers. The mountain has got over seven known trekking trails or routes and these include, ascending and descending and they include; Mweka, Machame, Lemosho, Marangu, Umbwe, Rongai, Shira. The mountain ascent and descent are the same and the accommodation facilities are shared with in the huts with many different climbers. The climbers are advised to first research about the routes and ensure that they are well equipped and are physically capable. The hikes are made hard by the high elevation, high winds, as well as the low temperatures.

Mount Kenya, Kenya

Mount Kenya; this is the highest mount in Kenya and its second to Kilimanjaro which is the highest mount in Africa. Its peaks include; Batian, Point Lenana, Nelion, and its located in the central part of Kenya and its 16.5km south of the Equator and 150km north east of Nairobi. It’s a strata volcano and was created 3 million years ago. This mount is 7000m above sea level and is covered by an ice cap for many years. It harbours small glaciers and its forested slopes are vital for providing water to many parts of Kenya. The vegetation cover here include; Rock Hyrax, Lobelias, as well as Senecious.

It has got many peaks that require rock climbing and these have been summated and most of them involve rock climbing and considered as the easiest route, one of the highest peak that can be ascended without climbing is Lenana point at 4, 985m. This peak is mostly hiked by many of the visitors that come to the park. The other peaks are hiked by few people since they are the highest in the park. This mount is famous for the good ice routes and these are Ice window route and Diamond Couloirs. This ice and snow has been retreating at a high rate in the past years. It has got over 8 walking routes including; Naro, Kamweti, Moro, Meru, Chogoria, Sirimon, and Timau.

Mount Rwenzori, Uganda

Mount Rwenzori; it was previously referred to as Ruwenzori and sometimes the mountain of the moon. It’s located on the border of DRC and Uganda. It’s at a height of 5109m above sea level and its highest peak is fully snow capped with Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro. The mountain has both Virunga National Park and Rwenzori National park and was formed many million years ago. It’s about 20km long and 65km wide with 6 massifs that are separated by deep gorges including Mount Speke, Mount Stanley, Mount Emin, Mount Baker, Mount Gessi, Mount Luigi di Savoi and Mount Margaherita is the highest Peak. It was first sight by Henry Morton Stanley in 1889 and William Grant Stairs who was the second to reach the mountain. It’s mainly for hiking and mountaineering and for those climbers who prefer a little trek can try the neighbouring Bakonzo villages that offer nature walks, home stead’s as well as cultural performances.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The Atlas Mountains in Morocco; these are found in the Maghreb and reach 2500km through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The highest peak of this mountain is called Jebel Toubkal and has got an elevation of 4,167m. These mountains are mainly inhabited by Berber people. It has got many endangered plants and animals and some of these include; Atlas bear, Barbary macaque, the animals include; Barbary lions, leopards, sheep, Barbary stag, the African Elephant, Atlas mountain viper, and the Cuvier’s gazelle.

The mountain was formed during the three succeeding phrases of earth’s geology; they are believed to have been formed when both America and Africa collided. It has got many natural resources including; copper, lead, Iron ore, rock salt, and silver, Marble, Mercury, coal and the natural gas.

Siemens Mountains, Ethiopia

Semien Mountains of Ethiopia; these are found in northern Ethiopian and are part of the great Rthiopian Highlands. These are also considered as a world Heritage site and they include the semien national park. It a unique mountain that contains a plateaux which is separated by the valleys and rises to the pinnacles.  Its highest peak is called RAS Dashen, the other peaks include; Yared, Kidis, and the Biuat. It has got many animal species including; walia ibex, Caracal, Gelada, and the Ethiopian wolves. These mountains are known to be a great spot in Africa where snow never falls. This snow was first seen by Jesuit priest and later by Henry salt. The trekkers here follow the same route and it passes through Sankaber to Geech and to Chenek camp. Its famous trail can be completed in 3 to 5 days.

Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

The Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa; this was a name that was given to the eastern portion of the great Escarpments, and covers the southern African plateau. It reaches an elevation of 3000m above sea level. This is the main mountain range with in South Africa and rises to more than 11,400 ft. It has many game reserves and parks as well as being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is the main watershed for South Africa and it’s the source of water to Orange River. Its highest peak is Thaban Ntlenyana at 3,482m and the others include; Mafadi, Makoaneng, Njesuthi , Champagne, Giant’s Castle, Ben Machhui and popper peak. The most famous area for the hikers is the cathedral peak. Get to enjoy both the half day hike and full day hikes. The hikes include good views of the peaks in the area, the beautiful mountains streams, waterfalls, pools, forests and the challenging scent.

Mount Meru, Tanzania

Mount Meru in Tanzania; this is a dormant stratovolcano that is situated 70km west side of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Its height is at 4, 562. 13m and its seen from Mt Kilimanjaro on a very clear day. This mountain had a minor eruption in 1910 and many small cones and craters around the mountain reflect the many episodes of volcanic activity. The mountain has got many animal species including; 400 bird species, monkeys, leopards, there is the Momella route which is the only route to the summit in the present times. This trek helps on this mountain helps the hikers who need less crowds and the challenging ascent. The best time to climb the peak of Momella is from June to February with occasional rains in November. This is because it’s a dry season. This hike can start from Momella gate at 9:00 and at 3:00 pm and can be completed in 3 days.

Mount Elgon, Uganda

Mount Elgon of Uganda and Kenya; this is an extinct shield volcano that is situated in Mt Elgon National park and is found on the border of Uganda and Kenya and in the north of Kisumu  and western part of Katale. The highest point of this mount is called Wagagai in Uganda. It has got an altitude of 4,321m above sea level and it’s the seventeenth highest mount in Africa. It covers an area of 3,500 sq. km and it’s known to be a solitary volcanic mountain on the border of Eastern Uganda and western Kenya. It has the cooler heights that give respite for the human beings from the hot plains below and the higher altitude that gives relief to both Flora and Fauna.

The peak has got many peaks including; Wagagai, Sudek peak, Mubiyi, Masaba peak, and Koitobos peak. This mount has also got one of the largest calderas in the world.  It has got many features including the unique fauna, flora, caves, peaks, waterfalls, hot springs as well as gorges. Hiking on the mount takes place the whole year but its better done during the dry season since it’s not hard to climb the mountain and the hikers also need to be fit.

Mount Cameroon, Cameroon

Mount Cameroon; this is known to be an active volcano and it’s near the border of the Gulf of Guinea, called Cameroon Mountain or Fako and its a name for the two peaks called Mongo and Ndemi. This is the highest point in the sub Saharan western and central Africa. It’s also the most projecting peak in Africa. It’s one of the largest volcano in Africa and it’s at a height of 4,040m. This mount rises from the coast tropical rain forest to the summit which is cold, windy and sometimes covered with snow. The peak on the mountain can be reached by the hikers at around 4 hours and half.

This mountain was designated as a national park in 2014 although many people have been hiking this mountain for centuries.  Many of the hike tours start from Buea that is a relaxed town at the base of the mountain. There is also the recent eruption that occurred in 2012. It has got many trails and the oldest and steepest trail is Guinness trail. The tourists are a must on a 2 or 3 day trek, you can find the basic camps and huts that can be found along the trails.

Mulanje Mountains, Malawi

Mulanje mountain in Malawi; this is also called Mount Mulanje and is the largest Manadnock in the southern Malawi and 65km east of Blantyre and rises from the nearby plains of Chiradulu and the tea growing Mulanje district. It has got an elevation of 3002m and its highest point is referred to as Sapitwa peak and the other peaks include; Chumbe peak, which is the longest rock climb in Africa. Its elevation is too high and disturbs the upper level Air flow as the rain clouds. Massif is also famous for hiking and climbing with many mountain huts that are scattered across it. This mountain is so good for rocking climbing and there are three different options that can help you reach the sapitwa summit, these include; hiking along mountain plains, hiking through the forests. More so, it should be noted that the first day of the hike on Mulanje makes the ascent to the plateau is so steep and quite demanding.