Uganda may be one of the small landlocked countries in Africa but its attractive national parks, attractions, hotels, campsites and safari lodges are simply the best when it comes to memorable Africa holidays on budget. A safari in Uganda can cost you less if well planed and you will definitely fine it the best Africa budget destination both during high season and off season months. Usually travelers want to experience the best at affordable prices but for those looking at exploring Uganda any time from now, check out some of the budget logic and you will enjoy every single comment in the beautiful warm weather country.

Behave like locals

From the moment you land at Entebbe International Airport, make sure you do things just like locals despite the difference in colour. Make payments of most services in local currency though some require foreign currency especially US dollars. Gorilla permits, park entrance fees, hotel and campsites, car hire services and tour holidays are all paid in dollars. However, feel free to discover Uganda national parks and attractions by backpacking and using local public means of transport just like other Ugandans. It’s safe and fun to travel by bus in Uganda and locals mind their business in most cases unless if you seek a tension from them. Another thing that will make you comfortable is the communication language, all bus drivers, tax drivers and matatu drivers understand and speak English so you will always ask about where you have reached and how far the distance could be from any point of the journey. Don’t worry about lodge rates quote in dollars, Uganda has some hostels that accept shillings.

Off Season in Uganda

One of the most efficient ways to cut costs on any safari in Uganda is to travel off-season. Lodge rates drop down, Uganda gorilla permit prices are low same applies to chimpanzee permits for Kibale forest National Park and the weather is generally good despite a few rains. Of course it can rain any day any time of the year but the most reliable bit with Uganda weather is that it usually shines after rain making it easy and fine to move or connect to different tourist attractions.Visting Uganda‘s mountain gorilla park-Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga during the off season is great for budget gorilla trekking safaris since permit prices cost less than the usual price of $600.Off months of the year in Uganda are April, May and November better to mark then of your calendar  before planning your safari to Uganda. At the time Uganda Wildlife Authority is promoting gorilla tourism across the world hence the cut for prime attraction prices. However, Uganda remains the best off season budget Africa destination for amazing safaris so take advantage of the low prices as you discover the beauty of the natural country.

Groups Safaris in Uganda

Another option is travelling in groups of friends or booking a group safari in Uganda that match your travel dates and travel interest. Plan you’re your safari in Uganda with friends and pay less as you enjoy or search for any available group tour to the national park of your interest and place in your booking. Common group tours in Uganda include 3 days gorilla trekking tour to Bwindi forest, 3 days wildlife safari Murchison falls.3 day’s wildlife safari to Queen Elizabeth national park and many more. Enquire with your tour operator about the available group tours and other available budget tour options that match your dates and interest before making any trip deposit. Local agents understand the industry better and you will really get a genuine Uganda safari experience. Choosing most visited parks and destinations are another way of saving because you sure to get a travel buddy though you fail to book a group tour. In Uganda every one knows Bwindi Forest, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale Forest National Park, Lake Mburo National Park among others.