Don’t forget that mountain gorilla trekking encounter is the most exciting adventure for both nature and primate lovers. Gorilla trekking is a perfect holiday for honey moon holidays, anniversary, family holidays, group adventurers and many more. Every visit to any gorilla tracking destination brings paradise joy and memories that last forever because meeting the silverback and its members isn’t only incredible but also the educational cultural experience of the Batwa forest people is something you shouldn’t miss out. Imagine looking in the eyes of the most beautiful primate on earth for the first time or learn how to hunt and live an ancient traditional life in Uganda.Planing a gorilla trekking safari can be easy if you put into consideration  the 5 things  that will certainly make your gorilla trekking holiday a success.

1. Don’t ignore low season months

Uganda low season months from April, May and November is generally considered to be the most desirable time to go on a gorilla trekking safari due to cheap permits and discounts in all trip essentials. If you want to spend less, enjoy and experience to the fullest, good to plan your visit to Uganda and celebrate you’re Easter Season and other days with the incredible primates that live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and in other neighboring countries of Rwanda and Congo. Despite it being Uganda’s wet season, you are more likely to enjoy your trek than never before because you will be surprised not to see any rain shower all through your trip. Besides, the Uganda weather is simply the best ever warm and conducive though it gets cold in the evenings at the gorilla trekking destinations so you need to carry a sweater or Jacket. Scenic drives, cultural tourism and primate trekking will be one of your favorites if your trek mountain gorillas during these months. Enjoy, explore and save big with discounts on accommodation, gorilla permits and transport.

2. Trekking gorillas & Gorilla permits

Better to confirm gorilla permit availability before booking your gorilla trekking tour since no trek can take place without gorilla permits. In case your date of interest is full, make it flexible and change it for the other with availability since changing your trekking dates make you more comfortable and more relaxing. Gorilla permit prices differ in trekking destinations but the experience is same. Rwanda gorilla permits cost $750, Uganda gorilla permits $600 and Virunga gorilla permits cost $450.However all among all the mountain gorilla trekking destinations Uganda is the cheapest and nearest. Congo would have been the cheapest but its tourists visa price is high up to $100 dollars that makes the trek quite more costly compared to that of Uganda. Choosing a gorilla trekking destination depends on gorilla permit prices and availability a thing you should confirm first before making any trip deposit.

3. Gorilla trekking lodges & Community

As per every famous attraction, many hotel and lodge investors put up several accommodation facilities to cater for growing number of tourists both foreign and local. However, gorilla safari lodges and campsites are similar and offer a wide range of amenities at a wide range of prices. Better to book your accommodation after reserving your gorilla permit especially if you trekking gorillas in Bwindi forest National park a park with four different sectors each with different accommodations and lodges. When choosing a place to stay, remember that some lodges and campsites are better positioned close to the park head quarters or gorilla briefing point so resting in leisure is a must without worrying of the early morning drive before the trek. Besides most of these lodges work hand in hand with the local community so your stay is not just for gorilla trekking but it’s a way of supporting the local communities as well. You never know where you will stay during your gorilla trekking holiday until after when your gorilla permit has been booked.

4. Excellent camera

Many people visit Africa for holidays but that to see mountain gorillas is once in a life time. All can be seen during the trek before the main encounter of the silver back gorilla, baby gorillas and their mother .Looking at them play jump across tree branches and chat to each other is a must see in the forest jungles of Africa and an opportunity that come once. However, a good camera will combine all the moments and give you memories. It really pays to come prepared with a more advanced camera and make the best use of the one hour of photography and observation of gorillas. Trust me you will be glad to check out memories in your camera when you back home after your Africa gorilla trekking holiday.

5. Travel insurance

Travel insurance is one the main things you should consider because they count in every travel trip you make. It may not gorilla trekking in Africa but any other so better to put it among your first priorities. I would highly advise you to purchase since a good travel credit card can sometimes back you up. Remember if you heading out for a private tailor made luxury gorilla tour, it may have costed you thousands, and even the time you have put in to plan and make the trip fixed. However, no need to worry about anything because all Africa gorilla trekking holidays are safe. I would say best travel wishes if gorilla trekking is next on your bucket list.