We all like driving ourselves in comfortable air-conditioned car to feel the extra pleasure and arising from the rough texture roads. Uganda has a number of busy high ways that need to take extra care while self driving. The busy roads come out of Kampala to the southwest the Masaka-Mbarara highway, to the north the Kampala-Gulu highway and east is the Kampala-Jinja high way a clue on the rules governing the roads in, car rental agencies wish you a safe drive towards your budgeted trip across the pearl of Africa. Prevention is better than cure and an advice a wise man is a warning. Below is a simple advice when planning to to enjoy a self drive Uganda, an adventure through some of the best known national parks in Africa.

Protect the vulnerable. Always give help to the vulnerable in case you are not in hurry. The vulnerable include the older people, the sick, the disabled and the young children. They could be stranded in the way that needs help from merciful people. Courtesy costs nothing. Helping the needy would not stop you from reaching the preferred destination.

Be calm and patient. Do not shout at other road users once in traffic jam. Always follow the rules of the traffic. Give way to other road users like cyclists together with your follow drivers especially when over taking. Denial to space may result into crushing of each other that leads to loss of lives other people in the same vehicle

Be helpful to others. Always be helpful to your fellow drivers. Through giving directions, first aid in case of accidents, sharing emergency equipment like spare tires, jerry cans, a rope that may be helpful during a mechanical brake down

Concentrate. Focus on driving to save the lives of other members in the car. Yes, most of us are dot com errors who never allow our phones sleep for a moment but it is rare to serve two masters at once. A driver is the overall caretaker for the rest in the van or a suv. All other activities should be put aside like messaging, hearing music through the sets of your phone that will distract from hearing on both coming and cars behind you

Be responsible. A responsible driver is a good driver. Mind about the people behind your car; take care of their concerns in case they need to ease themselves.Remember that once the keys arehanded over to you, the responsibility transfers to you. Careful driving all what is needed on the road, stop, over take where its necessary to avoid accidents.

Be fit and well. Have enough rest to enable you gain the moods of driving.Drivers being forced to drive normally cause accidents. Avoid using drugs and alcohol to boost your energy while driving, as they could be harmful to your body. Early preparations before driving would be the best idea to regain the motivation of driving. Have enough sleep ahead of your trip.

Keeping in mind the above advice, your trip to Uganda will be enjoyable with all the beautiful creatures that you would think of through the lush green savanna tropical vegetation.