As various people around the world get their vacation holiday, sometimes they are required to rent a car to tour all different tourism destinations in Uganda. Car rentals usually bring convenient, reliance and safety while traveling and this is a very tourist’s dream. But at times the associated costs are perplexing and let’s introduce you to mistakes that cost you money and how to go by them.

Purchasing extra insurance you may not need. When you have your own car rental insurance back at your home country, you can as well use it while renting a car in Rwanda and this makes you save money from the expenses that you were going to incur paying car rental insurance. But sometimes people do not look at that they end up paying extra insurance right from the car rental company of which might not be necessary when you have your own car rental insurance back home.

Renting a car from the airport – Usually car rentals right from the airport are so expensive since there is high demand for car rentals from different traveler coming into the country so the car providers take advantage and charge car rental services highly. So it better to look a car rental company away from the airport of which most of the times, these have very beatable price compared to the car rentals near the airport.

Not thorough searching around. Car rental rates always vary from one Car Rental Company to another. It is very hard to find car rental companies in Rwanda charging the same price. It is better to hit the internet look at different car rental companies of different services and prices. Trust me you can get a car rental company with competence and affordable rates. So do not just book with the first car rental agency you land on because it might be more expensive as opposed to the ones you have left out minus looking at them.

Making prepayment for fuel– Paying for fuel beforehand may sound to be a good idea as it brings convenience on the trip as you do not have to remove money from your pockets every time to pay for fuel when it gets used up. However, sometimes car rentals may charge you highly for the cost of fuel as they would want to increase their mark up so it is better you re fill the rental car by yourself.

Paying extra for GPS or baby seat– car rental agencies usual charge their clients extra money for extra tools like gps and baby seats and this normally adds the cost of the car rental services as a gps on car rentals Rwanda is charged 4$ per day. So with this world of technology, if you are going for a self drive tour, it better to use your smart phone GPS or you can carry your won portable GPS or use tourist maps which are normally given out free of charge.

 Hastening through rental car inspection– some people just look at the car and drive off and later on when they return the rental car, they are charged with damages that have occurred on car. Sometimes this brings a disagreement between the client and the car provider as the client may decline that he/she has not caused damage and the car provider may be saying otherwise.  It is commendable to thoroughly inspect the rental car before you take up your expedition to eradicate such misunderstandings. Check its physical and mechanical condition and also take clear photos of it.

Late return of the rental car– Almost all car rental companies in Rwanda charge car rental services on daily basis that is 24 hours a day beyond that you pay for another day. So some car renters return the cars past the time agreed and end up paying more money for the car rental services as fine for late return. So always return the rental car in time and avoid such charges.